About Jurisciti

Speed is a central theme in the 21st Century. Technology and the internet have made our lives and businesses easier, smoother, and the realization of goals faster than in previous ages. The legal profession cannot be an exemption to the utilization of the opportunities technology provides. This is the reason for the formation of Jurisciti Innovations (a business entity registered in Nigeria) and the creation of its first brand Jurisciti.

The mission of Jurisciti is to fast track the acquisition of legal skills through world class technology. Our commitment isn't just to tell you what the law is. It is also show you what to do with it, and most importantly how to do it.

Jurisciti is a 3 platform site - Community, Content, and Contact. The Community is an exclusive social network for lawyers and law students. The Content houses a vast store of legal resources. The Contact platform is the interactive medium between lawyers and non-lawyers. You have three registration options: lawyer, law student, and legal minded user (if you aren't a lawyer or a law student). If you register as a lawyer or as a law student, the data you supply will be verified before your account can be created.

This is a mutual sharing as well as a mentorship site. Users share their experiences and provide legal resources they have used in real life situations.

If you have questions, concerns or any complaints regarding these terms or any other issue, please contact us via the following channels:



Physical address:

No 3 Okigho Crescent
Off NBTC Road, Ovwian
via Warri, Delta State.